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Gyansthali Public School

Gyansthali Public School is a temple of learning providing the best education to its pupils since 2003. The school was founded by Late Mr Ramdas Hewa Ji, Ex MLC and a renowned politician, who worked for the betterment of poor sections of society.With the tireless efforts of Mr B P Singh (Director) & Mrs Urmila Singh (Manager) the school got affiliation with CBSE in the year of 2006 upto secondary level and in the year of 2008 the school was upgraded upto Senior Secondary Level.Gyansthali is a brand name in education in the region and follows every norm of the CBSE in its functioning.

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Our Mission

Enabling each individual to perform better every new day.. Preparing the youth for the challenges...... Enabling them to recognize thy potential.. And Shine around the globe..


Director's Message

The foundation of Gyansthali Public School has been laid with the objective of providing quality environment of learning to the children of the area where the economy is based on agriculture. Our beginning is humble but dreams are big, vision is farsighted, intentions are noble, efforts are tireless, resources are untapped and results are great. Our initiative has been to facilitate our students with multifaceted holistic educational environment i.e. the best of everything, be it the infrastructure or faculty and to become the most admired educational institution of the area. We would be fully committed to make Gyansthali a centre of highest standard of excellence for quality education by incorporating innovative emerging trends with the value based traditional Indian Ethos. I believe that any objective can be achieved with firm determination & honest efforts. Team Gyansthali is committed to the society and would certainly achieve its objective. B P Singh Director


Principal's Message

The essence of a teacher’s life is the smiling faces of his students. The smile of the pupils brings prosperity to the teacher and the knowledge he imparts brings smile on the faces of his pupils. I owe my gratitude to God for my selection for the greatest task of building the nation through education. We are the most important assets of the nation so need to be extra responsible. Since we have the power to transform the world by educating the hearts and minds of young citizens, we need to be constructive, innovative, patriotic, farsighted, dedicated to the assigned responsibility and capable of making our students reliable and valuable assets. Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his entire life. Every Gyansthalian is supposed to be a producer and not only reliant. We encourage our kids to perform excellently in different domains of life and be a constant learner as one can never be overdressed or overeducated. It is the knowledge that brings opportunities hence one should never siege to learn. Schools are not the only institutions to influence the heart & mind of students, there are other factors too that has a direct impact in our construction or destruction. It is the collective responsibility of all social beings to be aware whether they are the tools of construction or ruin. Gyansthali is committed to provide everything required for creating the leaders of future in all spheres.D K DhimanPRINCIPAL




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